Sage Building Solutions

Who We Are

At Sage Building Solutions, we believe that the built environment should represent our highest ideals and nurture our deepest needs. We see the art of building as one that requires stewardship of both site and resources. We strive to leave the lightest possible footprint on the land and do everything we can to provide healthy homes and facilities for our clients.

We accomplish these ideals through intensive planning, thorough material sourcing and pollution control, and precision air sealing and energy efficient construction. In the recent past builders could rely solely on brute force through cheap energy to build and condition a facility. But today's market demands, and our planet's future depends on, a more elegant approach. We pride ourselves in the ability to build quality, efficient, beautiful structures in a way that is conscious of cost, time, and energy.

Craig Novak

Craig Novak has been building on the Monterey Peninsula and around California since 1980. His stellar resume of projects is matched by his reputation as an honest contractor of quality work. Craig has been on the cutting edge of building technology with experience in co-generation for multi residential, geothermal, passive solar design and construction, thermal and photovoltaic design and installation along with multiple other conscious design features such as zero-VOC paints and finishes, "earthship" construction, and deconstruction with the intention for reuse on site. This passion for "treading lightly" in an industry that is known for intensive practices has given Craig the reputation as a go-to-guy in sustainable building.